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"I come from a family that helps any and everyone they can. I was raised to help others in need no matter how little you had, and to help in any way I can. So, I am running for NC House because that is how I believe I can best serve my community. I am running to serve my community and I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs in our district, improve our schools, raise teacher pay, make sure our kids and communities are safe, and provide health insurance for all North Carolinians who want it. I know how government works, I know what it takes to find solutions, and get things done. Join our campaign now to make all of these things possible, let's do this!"

I am for Medicaid Expansion. Without Medicaid I would not have had access to the life saving healthcare I needed growing up but that my family could not afford. 

Healthcare and high prescription drug prices are something I am passionate about because it hits home for me. I have seen people in my family go without eating in order to buy the medications they need to live. I see them going without medical treatment because they do not have insurance, and cannot afford a hospital visit. We live in the greatest country in the world, this should not be happening. No one should have to choose between eating or buying their medication. This is happening to many people in our district. I believe we should expand Medicaid to bring even more health insurance to North Carolinians who cannot afford the high costs of insurance. We need to expand Medicaid which would help insure the people in our district that are going without basic necessities. It would also bring more jobs and keep rural hospitals open. We cannot allow greed from the insurance companies and big Pharma to continue. It is time for a representative who will fight for these values instead of for the special interest groups who donate thousands to their campaigns.


I believe in equality for all. I believe we are all created equal and deserve equal rights no matter our gender, race, sexuality, or religion. As a member of the LGBT community I believe we need to keep fighting for full and total equality, not more rights, but equal rights. It is still legal to be fired for openly being yourself in North Carolina. That needs to change. I want a North Carolina where we are all safe to pray the way we want, love who we love, and be who we were born to be.

Other Issues

2nd Amendment

I am a gun owner who supports universal background checks.


No more political gerrymandering, we need fair and equal elections which is why I support Independent redistricting.


We need to lower the taxes on the middle class. I will not vote to raise taxes or use our tax dollars on things that won't help our district.


Unlike our current Representative I can always be held accountable and be available to talk about any concern you have. I promise to hold frequent gatherings and public hearings when I am elected because getting feedback and addressing your concerns is why I am running. I want to serve the people of our district, no one else.

Political Parties

I am a democrat, but I am not a lap dog for anyone. I am not beholden to my party or any special interest groups. I will vote the way I feel will best help our district.


I support the legalization of Marijuana. It is proven to help many people with different illnesses and I also believe that people with marijuana charges should have their charge expunged.


Without great public school teachers I would not be where I am today. I am a product of Guilford County Schools and I am proud of it, however I am not proud of how our teachers are treated. I believe we need to show our teachers more respect and start by paying them more. NC ranks 29th in teacher pay, but we can certainly do better. Teachers are fleeing the state to find better paying teaching jobs. I experienced this first hand my senior year when I lost two of my favorite teachers. Teachers are raising the next generation and they have one of the most important jobs. It is time we value education in North Carolina by raising teacher salaries and by investing more money into our school systems. There are public schools in our district that desperately need to be updated inregards to textbooks and technology. Enough talking about it, let’s actually do it.


North Carolinians deserve clean air and clean water. It is no shock that I am one of the most outspoken people against Duke Energy because I care deeply about our environment. I remember coal ash spilling into our drinking water in 2014. 39,000 tons of coal ash to be exact. I continue to see the affects that this has had. People have died because of the pollution, and others are now battling cancer and other sicknesses. North Carolina republicans have taken millions from Duke Energy and have not held them accountable for their negligence. In fact, we had to pay billions for the coal ash cleanup through price hikes. Duke Energy might own the republicans, but they do not own me. In 2018 during hurricane Florence more coal ash was spilled into our rivers. This has to stop. I am also against offshore drilling on our beautiful coasts and I believe that climate change is a major threat. We only get one planet and we need to be doing more to help preserve it not destroy it. We must do more to preserve our state and planet.

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