A new generation of leadership.

My name is Brandon Gray, I’m a 24 year old Political Science Major. I was born and raised in Guilford County. I have lived in this district my whole life. I never thought I would be interested in politics, let alone run for office, but here I am. I am running for office because I have seen what is at stake in the last 3 years. I am running because I want to help make our district better, along with our state. I want to help the people in our district and serve them. We have a chance to make this possible in 2020. I do not come from money and I do not have wealthy donors. Regardless, this is a grassroots people-powered campaign by the people and for the people of district 62. We need a representative in Raleigh who is not a career politician and cannot be bought by special interest groups. Duke Energy and other special interest groups might own the republicans, but they do not own me. It is time we put the people in district 62 first, over party and money. It is time we start doing what is best to help our community. I am running because I believe it is time for a new generation of leadership, it's time to pass the torch. Please join our campaign today.

Let’s do this!



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