Our Issues



The policy we have seen on closing our healthcare gaps has not met its intended purpose. 

We have to get back to putting people first in our healthcare systems, not the insurance companies.



That means reducing wait times, keeping rural hospitals open, and providing quality, affordable care to everyone who needs it.

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North Carolina schools have fallen behind and it's time we invest back into our school systems. The fact is our courts have ruled that education in North Carolina is no longer providing a basic education that is outlined in the constitution.


We can fix this by properly funding our community schools and making sure that parents, community leaders, teachers, and administrators all work together to make our schools safe– mentally and physically for all.


Cost of living has plagued our daily lives and the COVID 19 pandemic only highlighted our economic shortfalls.


When looking at our newest economic ventures to uplift our middle class and small business owners, NC will need to focus on renewable energy, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, building affordable housing, and forcing corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.