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BREAKING NEWS December 20th, 2019

Brandon Gray is the Democratic Nominee for NC House District 62 and will not have a primary. He will now focus on building a grassroots campaign to beat John Faircloth on November 3rd, 2020. Please join our campaign and donate today.  

Campaign filing and kickoff event December 4th, 2019

Brandon Gray will file to run for NC House District 62 at 3pm Wednesday 12/4. We will be having a campaign kickoff event and Meet & Greet at Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge from 6-8pm. EVERYONE is welcome to both events. Come out and celebrate while showing your support for the campaign. If you need more info email Brandon@BrandonGrayNC.com We look forward to seeing everyone there!

RSVP HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/events/568404997060495/

Campaign Announcement October 2nd, 2019​

I’m announcing my campaign for NC House District 62 today. I’m running because I’m mad. For almost 4 years I’ve watched politicians not doing their job in Raleigh. I’ve watched leadership without integrity. I can’t sit back and wait on people to run, I can’t sit back and hope my representative will do the right thing. It’s proven he won’t. I was raised to always give back no matter how little we had, and to help in anyway I could. So I’m running for N.C. House because that is how I believe I can best help my community. I’m running because I know what is at stake in 2020, I’m running for our future. We need to have a leader who is fighting for the people, and fighting for progress. No more fighting for special interest groups who donate thousands of dollars to campaigns, or being a lap dog to political parties and playing politics. I’m not writing anybody off in this campaign, I’m running to serve everybody in district 62, Democrats, Republicans, & independents. It’s time to put the people in District 62 above political parties. There is more that unites us than divides us, let’s work together to find solutions in Raleigh to improve our district.  I’m running because I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership. I’m running because the time is now, join my campaign and, let’s do this!


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